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Tips For Unique Ceiling Designs

The decorations in my home reflect who I am and the style that I like. I have never advised people to decorate their homes with thoughts for resale. Paint is one of the most prominent changes you can make at home and it is very economical.

One of the most important parts of your home design is the ceiling. If you want to get unique ceiling designs, you can contact barrisol ryan for stretch ceilings in NSW, VIC & ACT. Below are some tips for getting a ceiling that you will enjoy.

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Add the right lighting – Never allow this option to be unattended. Lighting is one more difficult thing to return to and advertise later. Go through your room and think about where you might need a little extra light. As the area you know will be used as a reading area or bathroom where you will apply makeup or your hair.

Add A Medallion Ceiling For At Least One Room – This is a low-cost way to get a very good focal point in each room. You can leave it white or you can put the paint to match the color in your room. Gold works very well if you only want a basic color that matches anything.

Add the right size Crown Molds – Adding the right size to the crown is important if architectural details are important to you. If your ceiling is above 8 feet, the mold should be slightly larger so that it really stands out.

Paint some of your ceilings with colors that contract on the wall – instead of the basic white ceiling. This can really make the room more warm and comfortable. If you have a high ceiling, this is a fantastic thing to do.