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The Court Determines Child Custody

The childcare process is a case involving child protection, adoption, guardianship, termination of parental rights or voluntary placement of your child.

The order of support will be based on the needs of the child, the obligor's ability to pay, arrangements for custody and child support guidelines. The Criminal Code makes a violation to kidnap a child to reject the detainee's order. The parenting order stipulates arrangements for custody and care for children. Your child's detention order is also confidential.

During the process of divorce, marriage, or cancellation, the issue of child custody is often a problem for the court to determine. The court must consider the following factors in each child’s custody decision under the law regarding the best interests of the child. Courts maintain the power to change detention arrangements until children are 18 years old or released.

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Collective child custody means that both parents have custody rights and legal responsibility for a child. Collective custody allows both parents to have a voice in childcare. There is no evidence to support that the presumption of joint custody is in the best interests of children. One study found that only when parents are still actively fighting, joint custody exacerbates the feelings of children who are divided among parents.

However, when both parents support joint custody, it can be a good solution for children. Some parents have chosen joint custody arrangements where the child spends approximately the same time as his parents. Some countries provide joint custody where the judge only divides the time of the child between parents. Collective custody does not mean only the place where the child lives from time to time. In fact, there might be legal joint custody, but the child can live with only one parent.