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Tag: sublimated polo

Wide Format Sublimation Offers Great Advantages

Because sublimation printing has become a major process in the clothing decoration industry, there are a number of reasons to consider investing in a wide format sublimation printer. As technology in equipment, ink, paper and performance wear continues to increase, sublimation printing continues to increase in popularity.

This is a great solution for custom short, photorealistic images, and blast polyester-based fabrics and sublimated products making sublimation the preferred choice for more applications. You can browse to get more information about sublimation custom designs.

But garment decorators found that the increasing demand for overall printing and production efficiency (being able to bring together more designs on one sheet) made wide-format sublimation a profitable investment.  

Buyers like sublimation shades, and with wide format, you can print paper rolls and apply them to cloth rolls that will be cut and sewn. Or it can be used for printing tests before starting full production, without expensive fees.

The wide format sublimation printer allows not only for larger images but also for more economical printing for smaller items and expanded substrate coverage. Apart from things like blankets, beach towels, and scarves, they make it possible to print flags, cloth or metal photo panels, signage, and decorative pieces.

Wide-format sublimation can also be used to increase production speed and reduce costs through batch printing. The residence time is the same for printing 100 cell phones for one, and you can print as many cases as possible according to the heat press.