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Installation Of Solar Lights On The Streets

For several cities all over the world, one of the major heavy expenditure is on street lighting. Due to the heavy cost in many cities, there is no proper facility for street lights. Due to the new innovation and development today it possible to get street lights at a reduced cost.

One of the latest innovation related to lights is the solar street lighting which is great since it is cost effective as well as environment-friendly. This option is feasible in various applications. For instance it is not just appropriate for areas where the expenditure for providing electricity is too expensive, however also in situations where reducing running costs is the topmost priority.

These kind of lights are an ideal option for parking lots, parks, highways, roads, airports, public, private and military sites. Also whilst installing solar street lights, there is no necessity to hollow out areas to put cables, as power does not depend on the grid.

The solar energy is used to charge the self-contained battery in the lights during daylight and at night, the power released by the battery turns on the lights. A photocell handles the function of the lights from sunset to sunrise.

Set up is fast, and it usually takes less than to install a street light. To install them you can hire any technician. The solar panel needs to be properly aligned to gather maximum energy during the day.

Due to a different climatic condition in the different country and different requirements the specification of each part of the whole solar outdoor pathway lighting system, especially solar panel, and battery, depends on the following factors:

  • Standard local daily sunshine hours.
  • Working times of the system per night.

  • Backup days of the solar system during rainy days.

You may find out here some essential tips related to solar street lights. It is a guide to help in buying the right kind of solar lights for any outdoor space. It is vital to follow the mentioned steps in it so that you won’t have to get in any hassle later on.