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Some Tips to Keeping the Water and Sewer System Working Properly

Proper maintenance and working is very important in household systems. But excluding other systems, there is the more important system the status of the water and sewer system.

These systems, if not properly maintained, can cause damage to other systems of your house so it is important that you do your part to make sure that the water and sewer system in your house is working properly. For getting the better quality plumbing in West Hills, Calabasas and surrounding areas you can also hire our plumbers.

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Some Tips to Follow for Water and Sewer System:

  • Use liquid drain cleaners to clean your drain rather than the crystal which can set in your pipes and harm them.
  • Never use a chemical drain cleaner which is a cause of total blockage in pipes. You should have to use a sewer jetters always. You can also use a hydrostatic line tester to check the status of the pipelines.
  • Mixed one cup of baking soda with one cup white vinegar and apply it to your home drain system, which provides a chemical reaction and clean your drain system. Wait for one hour, and then flush the pipes with hot water.
  • The leak is a result of a bad flash controller. Fix them quickly. These are easily accessible at any hardware store. They are cheap and easy to fix.
  • Do not use chemical drain cleaners on a blocked toilet.
  • Never discharge items such as grease in the drainage systems or toilet as it tightly holds to the pipes and causing blocks.
  • Other things that should never be flushed are paper towels, household waste, or any other products not designed to be flushed.