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How To Choose The Right Leather Jacket?

Leather jackets are a timeless must-have piece in any man’s wardrobe. Leather jackets just look authentic and are a true men’s fashion accessory.

Leather jackets are also quite popular among the bike riders. They purchase leather jackets along with riding gears, gloves, riding pants and shoes. Some rider also prefers to buy hand wraps for the extra-added protection of the hands in case of the unfortunate accidents. However, leather jackets always remain the hot buy for the riders.      

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But it often gets difficult to find a classic leather jacket. This is because in the market lot of substandard leather jackets are sold at cheaper prices. It makes difficult for the buyer to decide which piece of the jacket is good or not.

Let’s have a look at the few key suggestion that can help you to find the right leather jacket for you:


If you want your leather jacket to last long, invest in the real leather jacket. It will cost you around $350-$850. You can also purchase the cheaper canvas jacket. They have the same appearance as the leather jackets.

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Leather jackets should be hugging your body. A leather jacket should not fit loose to your body and should hit at your belt. It feels little shorter than the regular jacket but you will get used to it.   


The market is full of designs and shapes. But leather jackets are primarily divided into three types: bomber, cafe racer, and a biker jacket. Choose the jacket which suits you best. If you are purchasing a leather jacket for the first time stick to the black or brown color because these colors suit any skin tone.

Keep these suggestions in mind while figuring out right leather jacket for yourself. You can also browse this website to know more about the leather jackets.