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Tag: Indoor Rock Climbing Wall

Indoor Rock Climbing Hold – The Facts

An indoor rock climbing hold is usually used on an indoor rock-climbing wall. You can find many different kinds of indoor rock climbing hold in many shapes and sizes. Indoor rock climbing hold is used for making climbing routes on a rock climbing wall, usually at a gym, or privately owned in or at your home.

The indoor rock climbing hold may be made with climbing competitions in mind, made of unique shapes, a hold that looks and feels like the real thing, and other fun and unique holds, to help you become the best rock climber you can be, and to keep it fun and interesting.

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Indoor rock climbing hold can come in child size as well. These are made especially for small fingers on small hands. You can choose from a line of alphabet holds, the number holds, and other fun shapes like airplanes and skateboards. Kids will love to use this kind of indoor rock climbing hold.

You can find holds that are specially made for beginners, intermediate as well as the advanced climber. Some indoor rock climbing holds are reconfigurable and can be rotated without taking the disk from the panel. A bolt and screw on hold are made to pass children's playground regulations.

There are many types and styles of indoor rock climbing hold. When you browse internet sites that sell indoor rock climbing hold, you will be amazed at the selection you will find. It can be confusing if you aren't knowledgeable about indoor holds, so it is best to shop after you have learned a little bit about them.