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Tag: Fun Activities for Kids

Fun Activities: Time To Play

Families today are very different from the families that were found 40 years back. Today in most of the families, both of the parents are working whereas their children try their best to cope up with both school and co-curricular activities.

Because of the busy schedule of both the parents and the kids, family fun can sometimes be lost. You may find ideas on through which you can enjoy spending some time with your children even with busy lifestyles.

Fun activities for children

But still there are so many ways through which a family can enjoy together even with a busy routine. Kids and parents can create those unforgettable moments together by including some exciting and light-hearted activities.

You may enjoy with your kids on weekends. Taking a few hours during a suitable day of the week for a “Family Fun Day” can help in keeping the bond alive among the family members.

Fun Activities For KidsIf you are looking for a fun activity that both you and your kids will enjoy, try a hand in a pillowcase race.
Each member of the family can decorate their pillowcase in their own style.

The adult members can use king-sized pillow cases and the kids can use medium to standard sizes according to their height.

You may add an educational spin in this activity by asking each member to decorate their pillowcase to look like animals that lives on land or water or you may ask them to draw different types of flowers.

If you love to eat food outside, you can visit Sacramento4kids (website: which will give you a list of places which are offering free food to kids. Now you can enjoy dining with your kids in restaurants.

Fun Activities

All the players of the game will see the beautiful paintings on the pillows and ask each other to tell the name of the animal or flower or whatever they have painted.

The person who will give correct answers for most of the questions will win the game and get a head start at the race as a reward.

You may also plan for a rainy day activity too. Scientific experiment may be the best option. This may be a fun-filled activity that will also teach your kids some basic chemistry.

Water Activities For Kids

You may search for a useful article on the internet which will give you more ideas on how to spend quality time with your children.

You may also play a game of Charades, if you are looking for a more physical activity that can be played within the house.

Charades can be turned into a funny activity when the subject is on funny moments of the family. It can be anything like when the dog ate Father’s meatloaf or when the washing machine turned all of the clothes blue.