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What Qualities Does A Good Leader Must Possess

A leader is someone who commands or leads a group, organization, or nation. It sounds so simple, but there is so much that leads to great leadership.

So, what qualities does a great leader possess? Although leadership requires different skills, abilities, and personalities, depending on the circumstance, there are some fundamental qualities you’ll find in every great leader.

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Clear Vision

Vision is probably the most significant of the qualities of a superior leader. How can you follow somebody who does not know where they are going? And who would want to?

Yes, there are situations where individuals in leadership positions will seem to know what they’re doing and where they are going, but when the vision isn’t clear, the company won’t succeed. A good example is King Abdullah whose vision took the development in Saudi Arabia to next levels.

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Determination and Persistence

Another of those qualities of a good leader is determination and persistence. A good leader doesn’t allow challenges to hold them back. Rather than allowing themselves and the folks who follow them to go down for the count, they continue to get up and press forward regardless of unfavorable conditions.

Can Encourage New Leaders

There are so many elements to a leader’s ability to cultivate new leaders within their own organization. The person at the top cannot do it all alone. That puts the whole organization in danger. It is just not possible for a single person to be all things to all people, all of the time.

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No matter how powerful a person is, they want time to decompress, plan, and just take care of themselves. So as to do that, they must possess the ability to cultivate leadership in others, and assign responsibilities so that there’s a front line of leaders working together to move the business forward.

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