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Patterns Of The Japanese Kimono

When it talk about clothing, it somehow reflects the time, mood and even emotions of the wearer as well as the designer of the clothing.

This is the reason why there are seasonal clothes which not only have the best seasonal fabrics and materials, but also have the right colors as well as designs for the specific seasons.

Clothes are generally considered as an expression of who we actually are and further it is also a representation of what are our likes and dislikes.


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Clothing for girls, is an entirely different thing and experience. To know in detail, about the girls’ clothing, you may follow @sarahandsorrentino .

Today, we will be discussing about one of the most trendy dresses of girls i.e. Japanese Kimono.

Since these beautiful kimono dresses are getting highly popular ,it would be an excellent idea to learn in detail about kimono dresses and observe what actually the patterns of the kimonos represent.

Japanese Kimonos

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When we talk regarding the patterns in the kimono, we can say that they are somewhat dependent on the seasonal changes. This means that hey are designed in such a way that the design represents the different seasons.

Bright as well as vibrant colors reflect the spring season whereas floral patterns reflect the warm and sunny weather.

Talking about winters, they have designs which include pine trees, bamboo as well as plum blossoms. These reflect the cold weather and are known to bring luck in the winter season.

According to the Japanese culture, if clothing is done according to seasons, then they will sure shot bring good luck and prosperity to the wearer of the dress.

This is the reason why Japanese people keep the spring clothes ready when the winter starts to fade away. Further, they keep the fall clothes handy when the season starts to change.

Hope you enjoy the article !