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Overview About The Stereolithography Process And Its Benefits

The procedure of using 3D product designs to assemble them layer by layer in a case of UV curable resin is referred to as Stereolithography. It is known by various names such as 3D layering, 3D printing, solid free-form fabrication, photo-solidification, and solid imaging. This method is the most common and broadly used type of rapid manufacturing and prototyping.

It actually formulates 3D pieces and helps in the creation of solid 3D objects from CAD models with high accuracy and admirable surface finish usually within a few hours. The machines used for implementation of this method are known as Stereolithography Apparatus (SLA). You may click this link to know about such machines.

The sculpts or models created using this technology or machinery differ in dimensions and in technicality. In general, the size of the model and the convolution of the design are the factors that determine the duration required to construct the model. The size of the largest part that can be created with most of the SLA machines is 20″ X 20″ X 24″.

Benefits of Using Stereolithography

  • Cost savings – The use of SLA models helps in doing early design verification hence it relatively lowers the risk of any errors subsequently saving money.
  • Tight tolerances – With the help of high-resolution SLA machines, it is possible to achieve tight tolerances as the SLA process can make extremely accurate and highly complex components with ease.
  • Tough and functional models – Developments in the range of materials available for the stereolithography process have resulted in more robust and functional components.

  • Design to market faster – It also needs a limited number of secondary operational steps because of the high-quality surface finish produced. This allows low volume production pieces to reach the market before the competition.

Also a lot of people get confused between the Stereolithography and Selective Laser Sintering process. To clear all your doubts related to it you may navigate this site to read a detailed comparison between the two.