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Why is it Necessary to Notarize Documents?

A notarized document can help to verify that you’re the person signing the document. So, the only purpose of notarizing a document would be to avoid any type of document fraud and or identity theft by preventing somebody from presenting a forged document.

A notarized letter that’s certified by a notary public also aids in protecting the rights of those taxpayers who might otherwise be manipulated and also lots of court proceedings could be avoided if the record of a trade is certified by a notary.

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Even immigration services Melbourne agents first notarize the documents from notary public for visa approvals.    

Various Kinds of notarial acts


Acknowledgments are primarily needed for the record of valuable assets. Example: deeds, mortgages. An acknowledgment helps to ensure that the signer of this record has voluntarily signed the record and for this purpose, he should appear before the court at the time of notarization.

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By appearing before the court a jurat needs to be signed by the signer. By signing a jurat that the signer confirms the contents of these files to be authentic.

Copy certificate

Diploma, driving permit, medical records, bills of earnings may require backup certification. A copy certification confirms that a copy of an original record is true.

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Advantages of notarizing a document

  • It’s not compulsory to notarize all legal record but sometimes notarization of documents are mandatory. Because in case you don’t notarize the documents which will need to be notarized by notary public Melbourne then its legal validity will be questionable which may lead to rejection of these documents in court.
  • A seal on the files reinforces the fact and the identities of the people signing the documents are authentic. Additionally, it helps to prevent forgery and prevent frauds in legal records.
  • The presence of a notary seal in any record affirm for the court that the signatures in that document were put by real person and it’s not fabricated.

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