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Get Russian Visa Online

Many men and women are planning to travel to Russia this summer and will require a tourist visa. Russia needs tourist visas from American travelers exactly like the US needs Russians to own American visas. So how can you get a Russian visa? How much does it cost and how long does it take to get you?

Obtaining a visa to Russia is not so difficult and isn’t too expensive. The simplest method is to contact one of russia visa registration that will take your passport, 1 photo and $200 or so and get you a Russian visa within fourteen days. If you want to save $30 you can apply on your own, but I would not recommend it. Why waste your nerves and time for saving only few bucks?

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However, if you would like to do it on your own (for whatever reason), here’s a quick guide to how to apply for a Russian visa by yourself. Get your visa application package constructed. It should include: your passport, one passport size photo, visa invitation (you can buy one for $30 online), visa program, and two money orders for $150 and $30. The first is the price of tourist visa itself and the latter is the price for FedEx services. Mail this package to the nearest Russian Consulate (New York, San Francisco or Washington DC) and wait for 2 weeks.

Remember, its best to begin a russian visa invitation UK ┬áprocedure at least two weeks before your departure date, to make sure that if you have forgotten something, you can resubmit your application. Also, don’t forget that if you’re getting a Russian visa by yourself, you should ask your hotel or a host in Russia to prepare arrival registration. You don’t want to get arrested by police for breach of visa rules and trust me, the police will be able to see you at the crowd, if you don’t leave your sneakers at house.