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3 Ways To Clean Your Carpet Of Large Traffic Areas

The carpet in your home is a significant investment that can be difficult to keep clean. Dirt and dust rest in the firers of your carpet and there are high traffic areas that quickly made your carpet look dingy. However, you can use simple ingredients, you can maintain your carpets with the best carpet cleaning solution for high traffic areas.

Carpet Cleaning At Home

Your Carpet should be professionally cleaned once in a year because carpet cleaners provide carpet cleaning services upholstery which not only destroys the strains but also removes the odour that has accumulated over the year.

In this article, we will discuss several ways that you can clean your carpet of large traffic areas.

  • Dry Clean Method

This method is fast and easy since no water is used for this. You only need a vacuum and dry carpet cleaning kit.


  1. Begin by vacuuming the carpet and remove as much dirt as possible.
  2. Select a dry carpet cleaning product and follow the instruction of the label of the selected cleaner to apply cleaning solution.
  3. Vacuum the area thoroughly to remove the dry cleaning solution.
  4. Use the nozzle attachment on the vacuum to restore the pile.
Foam Method
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  • Foam Method

It is also an easy and fast method that can be used with or without water depending upon your selection of the cleaner. If any residue remains in the carpet, it can attract dirt to that area more readily in the future. All you need is a vacuum and foam carpet cleaner.


  1. Begin by vacuuming the carpet to remove as much dirt as possible.
  2. Select those carpet i.e. specifically made for high traffic areas.
  3. Follow the instruction in the label
  4. If you are using Steam Cleaner after shampooing remove any residue
  5. Pat the area with a dry towel to remove as much moisture as possible.
Shampoo method
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  • Hand Shampoo Method

Many professional provide carpet cleaning services Lasalle Ont to clan your carpet. This method does use some water so be careful that the carpet is not to overwet. You need laundry detergent, a spy bottle, water, a nail brush, a clean towel.


  1. Begin by vacuuming the carpet to remove the dirt as much as possible.
  2. Select any laundry detergent i.e. safe for your material of carpet.
  3. Pour a small amount of detergent in the carpet into the spray bottle and fill with water. Shake it well.
  4. Mist the area lightly, ensuring not to soak the carpet
  5. Use a nail brush to scrub the area. Always start cleaning the edges and work inward.
  6. Soak a towel with plain water to remove any remaining detergent residue.
  7. Pat the area with a dry towel to remove moisture.

Every carpet is made up of different material so, make sure your selected product is safe to use on your carpet. It is recommended to check them in small hidden areas to be sure. If your strains are too tough try out these guaranteed methods so that your strain will vanish after one wash.