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Month: May 2017

Why WordPress 2017 is better for ranking sites than WordPress 2016?


With over 25% of websites powered by WordPress, WordPress has started to dominate the website development market.

I personally believe, that it is one of the most popular content management systems and also one of best options when it comes to designing a Search Engine Optimized website.

Since its release in 2003, WordPress has been continuously updating itself to become better and better. The latest WordPress 2017 update is no exception to this!

Some of its top notch features make WordPress 2017 way better than WordPress 2016 when it comes to ranking sites on Google. Let’s see what are these:

Let’s march towards SSL Implementation!

Matt Mullenweg, the co-founder of the WordPress Foundation, had previously announced in 2017 that WordPress 2017 is going to encourage HTTPS for all their sites.

And that is what we have seen been updated in 2017 too. WordPress 2017 promotes hosting partners to provide a SSL certificate by default when people host their websites and install WordPress onto them.

In fact, the security features such as API Authentication will only be enabled for SSL secure sites moving forward in 2017 update.

Hang on, let me tell you what exactly SSL is before we move forward.

The Secure Sockets Layer or the SSL is one of the most widely deployed security protocol for establishing an encrypted link between two machines usually the client and the server on the internet as shown below:



A browser/server requests the web server to identify itself. The web server sends a copy of its SSL certificate which the client validates. The client then sends a digitally signed acknowledgement and a secure connection is established.

The websites with SSL certificates use HTTPS instead of standard HTTP as a way of communication.

Regardless of this technical working, you must be thinking how will SSL impact SEO ranking?

Well, Google has been aggressively working towards establishing a secure web which means all sites in should be served over HTTPS.

Google made it clear last year that sites without SSL will be deemed unsafe with a red cross mark in address bar. This would definitely make your sites rank poorly in the organic results.

However, if you have an HTTPS certificate for your site, you would get a slight ranking boost and who knows, it might work wonders to increase your traffic and sales!

Oh! FREE and EASY stuff – Video Headers

WordPress 2017 comes with a new theme dubbed “Twenty Seventeen” with its spicy new feature – video headers.

Up till now, you must have paid for a premium WordPress theme or might have done heavy customizations to the existing theme to add video headers.

But now, setting up your site using WordPress, will allow you to upload your own videos in Mp4 format, or embed YouTube/Vimeo videos by simply entering their URL. The video will play automatically and will loop by default.

Apart from the videos, you can add a header image as usual that’ll be used as the video buffers.

How will this impact your ranking?

Well, inclusion of such video headers goes a long way in improving the rankings of a website. This is because videos offer a more immersive experience and the users are likely to get more engaged to a website page with videos.online_video_marketing


Infact, 2017 is proving a change of era as the market trends suggest videos will account for 69% of all internet traffic. Nonetheless, a website page has 53% chance of appearing on the first page of the Google results if it sports embedded videos.

Target the small screen: Get Mobile Friendly Websites now

Another factor why WordPress 2017 is a better option for ranking is that its new update is much more mobile friendly.

As mobile becomes the future of the internet, it becomes imperative that you site is accessible and responsive for a mobile. WordPress 4.7 doesn’t disappoint in this sense.

Its Twenty Seventeen theme uses a simple, clean and minimalist design to give richer experience to end users. The theme is compatible across all devices be it desktop, tablet or any smartphone.


WordPress 4.7 gives a richer and soothing scrolling experience to those who use a thumb instead of a mouse to access the site (much like me (: ).

It meets the minimalist touch standards setup by Google material design. This means a simple design with clear calls to actions, minimalist text and larger icons making it great for the mobile experiences.

How will it impact your ranking?

According to web analytics firm Statcounter, mobile and tablet browsing has risen to 51.3% of all web usage in comparison to desktop’s 48.7%. So, having a mobile friendly site will get you more traffic and leads in this age.

In addition, Google also considers mobile site for ranking purposes. You must have raised your brow when in November 2016, Google announced that they will be rolling out a mobile-first index based on considering factors like the percentage of text readable without zooming, tapping, etc.

Enhanced Media Support comes as a bliss!

The WordPress 2017 enhances support for visual content like videos, gifs and animations and other media.  The trend of using visual content over written has gained popularity in the past few years.

As I mentioned above, that users are more likely to engage with infographics and videos rather than just content. This helps to boost site visibility and increases conversion rates.

Image Search by File Name

Now you can search images by their filenames in the WordPress Media Library. This wasn’t possible in WordPress 2016. You can manage your photos and graphics in a better way now.

PDF Thumbnails Preview

Another glaring issue with the previous WordPress versions, has finally been addressed in WordPress 4.7. You can have a thumbnail preview of the PDF files you upload.

The first page of your PDF becomes its thumbnail when you view your files in the Library. There is also possibility for preview of PDFs in attachments of your webpages.


Develop your sites yourself…Duhh..Don’t believe me?

The new customizer features have let the beginners turn into site developers. Though, a lot of people have criticized CMS platforms for degrading the importance of website developers, I think it’s always good to welcome the easy technology.

The WordPress 4.7+ versions have several new features that affect On Page SEO of your site.

  • Theme Starter Content

WordPress now allows developers to provide starter content with their WordPress themes. Starter content helps configuring the theme as it looks in a demo. This feature, however, is currently only available for fresh installs.


  • Nav Menus

Site building process has got much easier as you can now create new pages and configure main menu directly within the Theme Customizer.

  • Visible Edit Shortcuts

In WordPress 4.7, while live previewing your website, you can see visible edit icons next to the parts of the site that can be customized directly. This has made editing a whole lot easier than in the previous WordPress versions.


Custom CSS
You can also make CSS changes while live previewing, and you can instantly see those changes.  The CSS styling will not be lost even when you update the site in future.

Your catch?

An impressive website design and UX ensures greater ranking in Google search pages. You know very well, that Google takes into consideration the bounce rate and time spent on a site for ranking purposes.

And this is directly linked to having a great website design be it a business website, an e-commerce site or simply a blog. WordPress 4.7+ is the CMS platform that is exponentially growing to a better and better version.

I highly recommend trying it once for its 2017 awesome features. Well, if you already have, share your thoughts in the comments section below. In case you have any related queries, I’ll be happy to answer them too.


Risk Management: An Essence to Strategic Business Planning

Risks have always been and will continue to be there in all sorts of businesses. Everyone needs Risk management. Regardless of the industry or business type, efficient and effective risk management under pins the value of an organization.

Risk management plan in Australia doesn’t aim to reduce the business risks, but rather to manage it as proficiently as possible, while offering the maximum returns to share holders and business owners from business-specific risk exposure.

Strategic framework

An Integrated Approach to Business Planning

While risk management helps to forecast the potential business risks to minimize or avoid their impact, integrating it with a well-thought consulting business plan defines the strategic direction of your business during an annual period or the operating cycle.

It’s important to create a business plan outline. A strategic business plan helps with multiple things:

• It defines the steps needed to reach the targeted levels of success and achieve strategic objectives, by decomposing it into performance plans that are supported by specific procedures,policies and integrated metrics.
• It linksKRIs, KPIs andsupporting budgets with the performance expectations.
• It focuses resource allocation on serving the strategic business needs whilst managing any potential risks.
• It links the performance expectations to the reward system using a compensation structure that can be accustomed to risks and is realistic for both the shareholders and the executives.

validate steps

Whatever your business, it’s likely that you’ll have to make a decision that involves an element of risk to some extent.

Risk assessment plan is the best bat you can make against project upheavals. While business planning, it’s important to define the loss drivers, incongruities and soft spots that could considerably affect the business execution and performance.

Risk involves the possibility of something going wrong, and its pessimistic consequences.And, if you’re hit by an effect that you hadn’t intended for, your business reputation,cost and time could be on the line.

What is Risk Analysis?

Risk Analysis is a process that helps you find and manage the potential problems that could challenge the critical business projects or initiatives. The risk assessment process can be complicated, as you’ll need to bring in comprehensive information such as financial data, project plans,marketing forecasts, security protocols and other key information.

 risk expectations

To perform a Risk Analysis, you must first spot the potential threats that your business face, and then assess the possibility that these risks will materialize. Risk assessment tools such as SWOT Analysis and Failure Mode and Effects Analysis are used to identify and prioritize risks for evaluation and resolution.

The risk analysis process is as follows:

  • Identify the Risk
  1. This is the first step of risk analysis where the potential risks are identified and possible risk sources are reviewed.
  2. Using risk analysis tools, the potential risks are categorized and prioritized. The process of prioritization helps the team to easily manage the high impact risks that have a high possibility of occurrence.
  • Evaluate the Risk

The conventional problem solving process moves from identifying the problem to providing a solution. Although, before you try to identify the best way to manage risks, it’s a must to determine the root causes of the identified risks.

Questions the team will ask include:

  1. What would cause this risk?
  2. How will this risk affect your project?
  • Develop Risk Responses

Now the project team will start evaluating the possible solutions to manage the risk or perhaps, prevent the risk from taking place. The project team asks questions including:

  1. What can be done to minimize the possibility of this risk?
  2. What can be done to handle the risk, should it take place?
  • Create a Contingency Plan for the Risk
  1. The ideas brainstormed for reducing or eliminating the risk possibility will be converted into tasks.
  2. Those tasks dedicated to manage the risk, should they take place, are customized into short contingency plans. Should the risk happen, they can be brought into action, thereby decreasing the need to manage the risk by crisis.

How is Project Risk Management done?

risk and strategy

Once you’ve identified the business risks you face, it’s time to look into ways of managing them.This may include avoiding the risk, sharing it, or accepting it while minimizing its impact.

  • Risk Avoiding

In some instances, you just want to avoid the risk altogether. This simply means passing on a project, skipping a business venture or not getting involved in any high-risk action. It’s definitely a good decision when taking the risk offers no benefit to your business, or when the cost of addressing the consequences is too high.

It’s important to understand that whenever you avoid a possible risk, you might lose out on an opportunity. Perform a What If Analysis to consider your options when making your decision.

  • Risk Sharing

You can also choose to share the potential risk with other people, businesses, teams, or third parties.

For example, you share risk when you associate with another business in a combined product development project or when you insure your inventory, or your office building with a third-party insurance company.

  • Risk Acceptance

The last option you have is to accept the risk. This option is typically chosen when there’s nothing you can do to mitigate or prevent the risk, when the potential benefits are worth accepting the risk, or when the cost of insuring against the risk is more than the potential loss.

For instance, you might accept the risk of extending the launching date of a project if the sales will still cover your costs.Before accepting a risk, you must conduct an Impact Analysis to determine the consequences of a risk.

It’s always recommended to come up with a contingency plan to handle the unexpected consequences.

Improve your Business Performance with Us!

risk management plan

Even in the good times, businesses can be caught out by the unexpected. Organizations need to have processes in place to make sure that they meet the compliance needs and mitigate risk.

At, we follow a step-by step approach to understand, manage and reduce business risks.

We understand risk isn’t one dimensional, which is why we provide an integrated range of multi-faceted business risk management and risk control services, including consultative services, customized risk assessments, targeted training for managers and employees, and professional assessments for all lines of businesses.


Best Reasons To Hire A Professional Tiler For Your Bathroom Tiling

There are numerous good reasons why you should choose an expert to fix the tiles in your bathroom, or indeed any other areas of your house where you need to have floor tiles. It would fill numbers on the subject, but here are just three of the important and best reasons.

1. The important problem that home owner’s face, when they are remodeling, is time. It not only takes a moment to set up the plan, but you don’t have a lot of time to contribute to DIY schemes, busy plans, and all too frequently projects get started and then you realize that the work is way before your head, and the job stalls.

Early it’s weeks or in some cases periods before it gets completed when a professional could have it done in a number of days. One can also check out Tiling Perth, Wall and Floor Tiling Service Perth via Gun Tiling.

2. The expert tilers have all the tools as well as the workers to come in and do the job correctly for the first time. Most people just don’t have the correct tools, grouting and finishing tools, as well as the diamond bit saws organized around the house to do tiling.

Sure you could rent the machine, but unless you know what you’re doing, possibilities are very likely that you are working to break more of the tiles, requiring you more money, as well as time and difficulty.

A professional tiler comes in, assesses the situation, takes precise measures, and can even make adjustments. You can go through to check out why waterproofing for tiles is vital if you are thinking to get tiling work for your bathroom.

3. A professional tiler is much less costly than you think. Considering the time it takes to do a bathroom project on your own, and that as stated advanced you are going to reasonably get in way over your head and have to call someone anyway, it is just enough to do it right for the first time and have somebody who knows specifically what they are doing. Click here now to get detailed information on tiling services.

This will save you money, time and effort, as well as keep your husband from getting angry when she doesn’t have a bathtub to soak in.


Brighten Your Property with Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting isn’t only popular to business but also homeowners to emphasize the business building during the evening. An excellent light system is an integral element of a well- designed landscape. Lighting can make your outdoor area more inviting to your visitors.

Lighting offers a fantastic deal more beauty when it is subtle. Surprisingly enough, landscaping companies Edmonton also offers you more security and permits you to see better with your eyes.

Landscape lighting works on low voltage lighting that can turn your lawn into a surreal magical place. Darkness commonly affords us the chance to relish our landscaping in tranquility and peace as well as our back yards. A lot of us simply do not desire to have the brighter lighting in garden or the yard.

Landscape lighting is an effective method while adding an element of protection and safety of brightening your property. Landscape lighting is amazing, but its practicality purposes are indisputable.

Landscaping lighting actually adds to the value along with security and beauty to your property. Landscape enhances your house value and overall popularity of business.

There are certain things to avoid in landscape lightning, like too many lights lighting up your residence will look too garnish .All you want is to bring out the most interesting aspects of landscape features, structures or special areas. Measures and illuminating courses allow guests to walk through and relish your yard.

Landscaping lighting is among the simplest and most energy efficient methods to brighten and beautify your property. The ability to effectively use solar lighting or low voltage improves your property which means you’re seeing not only an amazing outside place, but also one that’s eco friendly and a green alternative. You may click here for more info on landscaping companies.

When you set lights along a path switch them for each side, don’t line them up evenly and be sure they are spaced according to just what the manufacturer recommends.

Security components aside, landscape lighting could provide a very appealing beautification to your house or company property, which can raise the total value of company and housing properties.